• Entrance door specialist
  • Topic entrance doors are premium products
  • Highest levels of individuality and flexibility
  • Manufacture of all components in-hose

Topic GmbH

Topic GmbH
Altendorferfeld 6
A-4152 Sarleinsbach
Tel.: +43 (0) 7283 8230-0
Fax: +43 (0) 7283 8230-21


Topic - The door manufacturer

Individuality in perfection is the measure of all things for the Austrian door manufacturer. TOPIC entrance doors are premium products, boasting the highest processing quality, top safety engineering, outstanding thermal insulation features and indi-vidual design options.
Since 1976, TOPIC has been dealing with all matters relating to entrance doors. Numerous patents and design protection rights are testament not only to innovation, but also to the fact that here, the door truly comes from the "inventor".

The complete package: Topics has its own joinery, paint shop, forge and glassworks

All components of the entrance door are manufactured in-house. This depth of production offers customers almost unlimited options to turn their TOPIC doors into truly unique specimens. TOPIC boasts its own joinery, paint shop, smithy and glazier's workshop.
TOPIC's range of services includes apartment doors, portico doors and entrance doors for price-sensitive customer areas through to exclusive custom-made products. Individual design and flexibility in fulfilling special customer wishes form some of TOPIC’s particular strengths.
TOPIC's sales focus on Austria, Germany, the Benelux coun-tries and Switzerland. In addition, TOPIC products are sold in selected regions of Great Britain, the USA, Russia and Japan. Distribution is carried out exclusively via trade partners.