• Responsibility for people
  • Responsibility for the environment
  • Responsibility for the company
Developing the company sustainably over generations

Live and let live.

This pithy phrase precisely defines the sustainability strategy that IFN has followed since it was founded in 1931.

"Live and let live" was the motto of IFN's founder, Eduard Klinger Senior. The philosophy which he lived by, which he also made the foundation of his business activities, is the cornerstone of IFN's company values and the basis for its successful development.

Sustainability means a lot more to us than just being environmentally responsible. Our common goal is to develop the family business over generations in a sustainable way. This long-term perspective also encourages responsibility for people, companies and the environment.

We live up to this responsibility in all our processes, products and services, though responsible business management and social engagement.

  • Responsible business management

  • Products and services

    IFN products make buildings more energy efficient and more appealing for our customers to live in, but they are also characterised by their long life expectancy. When developing our products we take the whole product life cycle into account, right the way from the raw materials used at the start of the product's life to the product being handed back in for recycling at the end, via the sustainable production methods and many years of use by the customer, covered by comprehensive guarantees.

  • Sustainable manufacturing methods

  • Transport, we combined transport by train and lorry

  • Energy efficiency of work premises

  • Responsible Care certification awarded to Internorm Sarleinsbach in 2013

  • Responsible business management

  • Equal opportunities

  • profit-sharing bonus for employers

  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle

  • Internal qualification programmes

  • Social engagement

  • Compliance